Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Banning Amish Food?

In my companion blog, Amish Articles, recent posts have been about the many ways the Amish community is under siege. With the recent headlines about mass producers recalling food because of food borne bacteria, the regulation-junkies have decided to turn their attention to Amish homemade foods. See The Hot Issue: Should Amish families be banned from selling homemade foods if they oppose government licensing?

The 'Long Tail' economic trends have made wonderful Amish food a potentially viable industry once again, for those especially great Amish cooks and bakers. Yet, the legislators seem to be still stuck on the side of the 'blockbuster' big box retailers, all designed to create and organize an easily manipulated 'mob mind.' Now that the internet is allowing people to find what they want, when they want it, wherever it happens to be, the characteristically American independent mind is being rediscovered, is being exercised, and therefor, being strengthened.

For influence peddlers, those who make $3600 per week, by Teddy Kennedy's own admission, surely don't want extra corporate funds and side benefits to dry up! If the tail becomes the real economic engine of this country, these influence peddlers will have no one to peddle to except the people. What a concept.

So to go after the small business, the Amish, with their cows, organic milk and cinnamon bread, is a cheap and easy target and a WARNING for the rest of us.

I say its time to BAN corporate influence, government intrusion and favor seeking. If a corporation, PAC or activist group isn't a living breathing person, they should NEVER receive favor over actual American citizens like the Amish. Like you.


Antonio Evans said...

You can visit: and do a search for dutch and you'll see various restaurants that actually have amish influences.

MSchaut said...

Antonio, simply because other people can cook doesn't mean that it accomplishes anything to have the larger society absorb and sweep away the Amish food micro-industry. Regardless of the skills and resources of other cooks and chefs, restaurants and groceries, the Amish have a retinue of fans that can TELL THE DIFFERENCE between imitation and real Amish food.

It is surely a compliment to the Amish that so many cooks like to use the 'Amish' or 'Dutch' influence in their cooking, and it improves their appeal to the customer base, but I guarantee you that any one of those cooks, restaurants and grocery outlets can easily be replaced by another. The Amish community is not something that can just 'be replaced,' nor should it be, if diversity is truly important to America. If a small organic and lovingly prepared food industry helps to sustain the existence of the Amish culture and communities, then it is something to protect, not afflict.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/ Madam,
We are a group of second year students from Leeds Trinity and All Saints University, UK studying Primary Education & Theology.
We are currently planning a presentation exploring dress as religious identity and would be grateful for any information about or pictures of Amish Dress.
If you could answer any of the following questions we would be extremely grateful (or if you could pass this onto someone from the Amish community to answer themselves):

1. Could you please explain the basic dress of the Amish people?

2. Is the same type or clothing worn all the time, e.g. when at home, out in public or when worshipping?

3. Do the Amish dress like this out of choice or because their religion tells them to do so? e.g. Is the clothing practical?

4. How does Amish clothing bind the community together or separate the Amish from other religions/ people?

5. Does the colour/ pattern of Amish clothing have any significance?

6. Are there any teachings in your Holy Books that state how the Amish should dress? Does religion prescribe the dress or is it a cultural choice?

7. How do the Amish feel about fashion (trends)? Do the Amish follow any type of fashion?

Please reply via e-mail
Thank You.

Yours Sincerely